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Powerful Virtual Queue
For Your Business

Reduce wait time for your customers
and boost your efficiency

Why use a Virtual Queue System?

There are many benefits to using a Virtual Queue System

Customer experience

Virtual queue systems reduce wait times and eliminate the need for customers to stand in line

Increased efficiency

Virtual queue systems streamline the process of serving customers and managing the efficiency.

Reduce wait time

Customers don't have to wait for too long to be served as traffic is diverted to available counters.

Better Customer Experience

Customers will know exactly when their turn is and it'll be smooth sailing.

What you can do with TOKEN360

Integrate with Existing POS360

If you have an existing POS360 system, you can easily integrate TOKEN360 with it

Connect to a TV Display

If you have a TV display at your business, TOKEN360 will show the current queue live

Select Callout Voices

Choose from realistic male and female voices

Customize the Receipt

Customize and brand your token receipt

Inquire about TOKEN360

Want to discuss about how you can transform your business with TOKEN360? Let's have a free consultation call!

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