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POS360 - Point of sale -

We made Point of Sale so simple that anyone understands it

Forget all the legacy Point of sale software that make it incredibly difficult to understand and operate. We've completely overhauled the traditional user experience approach to point of sale software and redesigned it to be so simple that you wouldn't have to teach anything to your cashier operators and administrators. It's super simple yet powerful!

POS360 - Point of sale -

Simple & Elegant Inventory Management

We've designed the inventory from ground-up and we've evolved the user interface. Why make it complicated for your employees? This is the best possible way to manage your inventory!

POS360 - Point of sale -

The Simplest Checkout Flow. Ever.

We have overhauled the traditional checkout flow that you see in legacy POS systems. We've made it faster and simpler to manage a customer checkout.

POS360 - Point of sale -

Works Seamlessly With Payment Methods

POS360 was designed to work with all the popular payment methods. We've made it robust and less-prone to failure when compared to other systems in the market.

POS360 - Point of sale -

Comes With Admin Controls

It's super simple to manage your POS systems with our new and improved POS Admin that comes with the POS Software. It's 100% free and included in your package.

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